KLZ wishs to thank our new AudioFile clients ! The stations below recently selected KLZ's AudioFile to log their broadcast audio. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for sales information.

KPWR FM, www.power106.com , Power 106 -, Burbank,California , Emmis Communications

CIBW , http://www.bigwestcountry.ca/ , Drayton Valley, Alberta - Pattison Radio

CITI-FM , http://www.92citifm.ca/  , Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rogers Communictaions

CIWV/CHKX - , http://www.wave.fm/ , Hamilton, Ontario , Durham Radio Inc.

CJKX - , http://www.kx96.fm/  ,Oshawa, Ontario , Durham Radio Inc.

- , http://www.therock.fm/ , Oshawa, Ontario , Durham Radio Inc.

http://www.ckdo.ca/ ,Oshawa, Ontario , Durham Radio Inc.

CKFG -  http://g987fm.com/  -Toronto, Ontario,  Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc.

GRC AF7 - http://radiocentro.com.mx/ Mexico City, Mexico - , Grupo Radio Centro SAB de CV