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Ten million temporary files (10,000,000). Our support department recently logged the following incident . A longtime client using our KLZ NewsRoom system called in with an issue. The Associated Press Web Agent service had stopped posting news stories just after midnight after a operating system update. The news team depends on this content for their newscasts. Its been working for years so it's always a challenge to find out what changed. I like to start with the basics to find the issue. Sometimes the simple things cause big problems.


Once connected to the capture computer I tried to start the service but it would not start. Due to corporate policies, the workstation running the service needed authentication to use the default gateway to the internet . The engineer entered the username and password but the wire service still could not run or connect.

A call to the AP helpdesk recommended we take the .jar file and place it in a new folder. This Java .jar file registers the station and ingests the news content . Sure enough it created two folders within the new folder and the .jar file was able to connect and post the stories to the KLZ NewsRoom system. We continued to troubleshoot why the AP service would not run  from the original folder.

To use the service based version we decided to delete the two "content" folders from the original directory . The plan was the .jar file would create the new folders once we delete the two folders and we could then start the service.


When we tried to delete the two content folders, Windows began to enumerate the number of files to delete. After 24 hours the count was over 5,250,0000 and climbing.  We had no choice but to let it run over the weekend. The final count was 10,825,000 xml stories. The size was close to 20 Gigabytes !


During the four day purge we ran the .jar file from the new folder so the stories would continue to come into the KLZ NewsRoom system for the news staff.


On the following Monday the deletion was complete.  The computer needed a reboot to install another Windows Update. I copied the .jar file from the new folder and pasted it into the folder where the AP service runs from .  We started the AP Web Agent service and success ! It began ingesting new content.


I called AP support to discuss and find out why the .xml files did not purge after 30 days. This value is configured in the AP Profile . They asked if the xml files were being used by the news team for use with other applications. The news team did not need the .xml versions so AP support said there is no reason to save any .xml or .nift files. The AP content in ANPA format goes direct to a virtual or physical com port and is posted to the news system with KLZ Wirecapture. The AP service was unable to purge that many items so it ran till it could not longer enumerate the number of xml files or filled up the drive.

Check if your AP Profile is saving the .xml files. If not needed you can adjust your profile to not  save xml files or call AP support and have them do it . Be sure to delete the WFA and the Webfeedagent folders when not using the .jar, or when the AP service is stopped. They will be recreated when starting the .jar or AP service.


Copying and pasting 20GB of audio can take 20 minutes but 20GB of 3kb files can take days to copy/paste or delete. If you’ve encountered a similar issue, let us know if the file count is more than 10.8 million files/stories. We think its a record ! Contact us at support [AT] klz [DOT] com.


KLZ Support Team



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