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Clients for your Phone, Tablet, or Workstation

AudioFile 2.0 for Windows™

KLZ Audiofile 2.0 For Windows
  • New Look With A Great New Feel
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • 32bit and 64bit Support
  • Built for Windows 10

The new KLZ AudioFile™ player for Windows PC comes with a sleek new interface that features custom channel logos, along with a new interactive calendar to complement archive searching. The perfect companion for broadcasters currently running an AudioFile™ server, and so simple to use. Select multiple channels from your station and listen live, or monitor from any PC with an internet connection. A mobile version is also available from the Google Play store for android devices.

AudioFile 2.0 for Android™

KLZ Audiofile 2.0 for Android
  • All The Features Of The Desktop Version
  • Easy Mp3 Extraction
  • Native Android App
  • Available on the Google Play Store

The new AudioFile™ player for android still allows you to extract live or archived content for later use. Tap the interactive calendar for a specific date, or slide the timeline to any hour of the day. Monitor in real-time, or access archived audio from the station for talent checks, or extraction. Every streamed channel is instantly available to you with a tap of the finger in our new user friendly interface.

Set your in-out points, and tap the save icon. Name your file, choose duration of single or multiple files and hit go ... you're done!

AudioFile 1.0 for Windows™

KLZ Audiofile Player 1.0 For Windows
  • Supports All AudioFile™ Server Versions
  • Precision Control
  • Multiple Features

The original AudioFile™ Player is still used by radio staff to access the logger, and all of it’s resources. It can play audio in three modes: “Monitor”, "Skim”, and “Archive” (logger). The player can be installed on any computer with LAN, WAN, or Internet access to the AudioFile™ Server. Numerous players can be run at the same time without affecting the recorder, or time delayed playback. These key functions are on a thread with the highest priority.

Users can listen to the incoming streams in near real-time. They can also preview/play segments of the archived audio, and extract selective portions of the audio archive as Mp3 files. 



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