KLZ Scribe ™

KLZ Scribe

Write and submit your story with audio and images securely from anywhere in the world!

  • Journalists
  • If reporting news anywhere anytime is on your to do list, KLZ Scribe is for you
  • Sports Reporting
  • With KLZ Interview and Scribe you can send your complete sports report direct to the NewsRoom 45 system
  • Advertising Personnel
  • Take your recorded audio from the sales meeting back to your office space for playback and editing. You'll never forget what your client said in the meeting
  • Realtors
  • Take pictures , notes and record your daily events with clients. Scribe's Document Manager helps keep it organized.

Reliable Software That Works

KLZ Innovations Ltd. has been making Newsroom editing systems for more than 25 years. KLZ Scribe has been created from the ground up to be your news system on Android devices


KLZ Scribe

With KLZ Scribe you can write your story, attach audio from your device or recorded with KLZ Interview. Attach or take a photo and upload the complete package with your Android phone, tablet or device.


Audio & Picture Upload Options

Import audio from your device and attach to your story. Recorded audio from KLZ Interview in clip or project formats. KLZ Scribe lets you choose from to upload audio as a Wave PCM or Mp3 format. Select your Mp3 Bitrate and Mp3 Stereo mode. Photo options include sending as JPEG or PNG format. No more limits!


Secure Connectivity

KLZ Scribe has settings to upload direct to your KLZ NewsRoom 45. system. Scribe has the option to use SSL for verifying a secure connection. Scribe reports statistics on each upload after sending . Its secure and reliable!


Compose & Edit

Your device's auto-correct and spell checker will make writing a breeze. Copy , Paste , Undo , Redo and Select All are Scribe's built in functions. Its easy, fast and produced by specialists in the broadcast industry.


Attach Pictures

Take a picture on location and attach it to your story ! Or choose from the device's gallery. Perfect for news, sports and entertainment stringers.

Attach Pics

Scribe Document Manager

Your collection of stories can be searched and managed . Press the "Check Mark" to enter Scribe's Document Manager to select content no longer needed. Its actually a database so its fast and dependable. Awesome!

Doc Manager

Full Text Editor

No need to sweat. Our custom text editor has Select All / Copy / Cut & Paste, Undo and Redo

Text Editor