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KLZ Interview for Android Phones and Tablets

Interview anyone, anytime, anywhere

Record an Interview

Record your personal interview using the built-in or external microphone. Native record format is 44100 PCM

Record Your Interview

Add a Text Description

Add text to your interview. Text is included when you file your story and also written into the uploaded MP3 file.

Add Text Descriptions

Audio Library

The audio library lets you scan the audio stored on your device, and preview it live. Audio is playable in both the default view, as well as the list view. The default 'properties' page allows you to toggle through your clips, and also import, play, delete, rename or render the audio. The 'photo' page lets you add a photo or take a live shot with your built-in camera, while the 'note' page can be used to add a memo to your project.

KLZ Interview Library and Recording

Import Audio Files

The 'import' button will launch and display the database folders of your device. You can use the search function or scroll down to the directory your audio is stored in and tap. With your cuts now visible, select a clip and preview it live, or simply tap the check mark to import it to your audio library.

KLZ Interview Library List

Add an Image

Take a photo of your interview location or add a photo from the gallery on your device. GPS location coordinates are automatically included with your photo.

KLZ Interview Add Image to project

Edit in Multi-Track

Once your interview is recorded you can go to the multi-track editor to produce your finished interview. Add a background track, or multiple beds

KLZ Interview Horizontal Multitrack editor

Add Volume Points

Adjust volume points, fade-in and out. Split audio clips, and adjust levels between voices of the interviewer and the subject

KLZ Interview Table Support

Render In Multiple Formats

Render your multi track project in multiple commonly supported formats, including: Mp3, M4A AAC-LC / AAC-HE, FLAC and WAV. Store in Interview's database for reference , playback and distribution

KLZ Interview Export Project
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