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Multi-User and Networked Teleprompter

Network Teleprompter

Networked Teleprompter Control the Teleprompter from the i-Prompt Client application or with a hand held remote control

Single user / Multi-user enabled

Scripts are written with the single user i-Prompt Client or the Multi-user NewsRoom 45 Cast editor.

i-Prompt ™ Teleprompter

i-Prompt by KLZ turns a computer into a dedicated teleprompter. Smooth scrolling text is easliy controlled by the news anchor or news crew using a keyboard , mouse, wireless remote or the i-Prompt Client . Perfect for On-Air news casts, speeches or presentations !

  • Supports Popular Closed Captioning Encoders
  • Adustable Font Display
  • 8 HTML Slots
  • Mirror Display Camera Mount Monitor
  • Save to i-Prompt From NewsRoom 45 Systems
i-Prompt Remote Teleprompter

i-Prompt ™ Client

The “i-Prompt™ Client” has extensive scripting capabilities for writers and directors to create, organize, track timing, and manage text scripts for live presentation, on-air broadcasts, or other applications requiring text scripts or smooth scrolling text teleprompting on TVs, computer displays, or prompting systems.

The i-Prompt Client is used for directing, producing, and gathering of content for the newscast . The newscast is then read on the computer or monitor running i-Prompt. Updates are synchronized and performed even while the narrator is reading from the teleprompter.

When used with NewsRoom 45™, operators display and control the teleprompting from either client software or the remote unit. When used remotely (without Newsroom 45™), the users can display and control the teleprompting from the i-Prompt client software, or display and control the teleprompting from the remote unit.
The “NewsRoom 45™ for Television” package allows writers and directors to gather, create, lineup, and time the various segments that form the production or on-air broadcast casts. NewsRoom's "Save to i-Prompt" menu pushes the content to the i-Prompt. i-Prompt™ provides the teleprompting of these casts and scripts. Scrolling speed is controlled with keyboard, mouse, wireless remote or i-Prompt Client .

i-Prompt Teleprompter Client Control



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