KICD - Joe Schloss


"We have been using the KLZ NewsRoom product since 1996. In that time we have never had an issue, including needing some custom setups that the service techs could not solve. NewsRoom is ultra-reliable and easy to use. The service department is easy to work with and knowledgeable.

We added KLZ AudioFile a few years ago. It is a skimmer software that we use to record the aired audio on all 3 stations. The software permits us to pull clips and gives us a 90 day window to preserve audio. We hardly ever need to service ,restart, or interface with the software at all. It, like NewsRoom is reliable and just works. Updated software has been easy to incorporate."

KICD is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Spencer, Iowa. The station broadcasts a talk radio format.

Joe Schloss , C.E.  KICD, KICD-FM, KMRR

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Terry Kelly - Radio Magazine

98.9 The Drive

"Overall, I'm pleased with the reliability and ease-of-use of the KLZ AudioFile. It's not only fulfilled our legal obligation, but provided a useful tool that has benefited engineering, programming and production."

Terry Kelly - Bell Media

CKLC-FM is a Canadian radio station, which airs at 98.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario. Owned by Bell Media, the station airs a modern rock music format.

"Click here to read the entire field report from Radio Magazine"

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KFDI - Bryce Legrand


Thank you for your guidance. I learned that if you open the properties page for recording devices and then check “Show Disabled Devices”, Stereo Mix will then be displayed and show disabled.

By enabling the input, it allowed NewsRoom 4.5 to record without a hardware source physically connected to the input jack on the PC. This is handy for us, when someone wants to capture an online press conference on a desktop machine in an office. Many thanks for your help! This is a small thing with huge results for us.
Bryce Legrand
Director of Engineering - Wichita, Kansas
Scripps Media, Inc.

KFDI 101.3 FM   
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Vista Radio - Darren Fowler

Vista Radio

"From a technical point of view, KLZ has been excellent in their deployment and training. I have been able to take a hands off approach and let them do the driving when it came time to install, configure and train our staff."

Darren Fowler
Vista Radio

Vista radio is privileged to operate 41 radio stations (and growing) broadcasting across 73 transmitters located in three Provinces and the Northwest Territories

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CJFX - Ken Kingston

CJFX 98.9

"The KLZ software (NewsRoom 4.5) has been in use in our newsroom since November, 2011. We have been very happy with the software. A particular benefit to us is its search options, for both local stories stored in the software or the Canadian Press wire. Background information for a story we're working on can be found quickly and easily.

Preparing a newscast can also be accomplished in a matter of minutes using either copy & paste or drag & drop methods into the cast edit feature.

Reading on air is also very user friendly; audio clips can played with a simple touching of the space bar. Technical support from KLZ is also superb, they can walk you through any issue you may have.

I have no hesitation in recommending KLZ's software to any newsroom. 
Ken Kingston , News Director

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WONE - Ed Esposito

WONE Radio

"We made a decision to go with KLZ's NewsRoom products when we first upgraded to fully-digital news and station system in 1999 with the build of new studios bringing all of our properties together in Akron, and couldn't be happier to the point where we are on the newer versions of NewsRoom.

It has been easy to scale, extremely reliable and stable, and a delight to work with from the perspective of our IT department but especially users. Ease of training is a must in a fast-paced environment melding seasoned professionals with fresh talent, each with their own familiarity (or lack thereof) of computer systems.

From the simple use of the editor, including non-linear editing, to the ability to quickly edit and update even when newscasters are on the air is a requirement.
We are very happy to have KLZ as partners in our "NewsRoom."

Ed Esposito
WONE - Akron Ohio

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CJVR - Bayne Opseth

CJVR-FM Country

 “We have been using KLZ products since 2004, and have been extremely impressed by not only the product but the support team behind the product. We have upgraded to KLZ Newsroom 4.5 from 4.0 at most of our locations.

The install was seamless and while the newsrooms initially had little trouble migrating to the upgrade, Len did give them the tour through 4.5 adding all sorts of Tips and Tricks!

We are using AudioFile Loggers at all locations and it has been a great product. Our group program director loves it as he is able to air-check all stations from his desk. Ron and Len are excellent in support, in technical knowledge, and patience!”

CJVR is currently a sister station of CKJH, which first went on the air in 1966 as the original CJVR at 1420 AM. In 1995, CJVR moved to 750 AM, where it has remained to the present.

Bayne Opseth , Chief Engineer

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Blackburn Radio - Bob Becken

Blackburn Radio

"The remote server connections, available with Newsroom 45, enable us to share content (i.e. scripts, actualities, newscasts, etc.) between our six southern Ontario newsrooms in a timely and effective manner. Once the necessary pathways or 'group saves' are set-up you can file and automate to multiple locations in one easy step."

Bob Becken , Regional News Director
Blackburn News

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WBT Praises KLZ Support

WBT Radio Charlotte

 "First of all let me say a hardy THANK YOU to your staff for a job well done. In case you’re not in the loop, I contacted your support team (namely Len) just after the first of the year on a change CBS Radio was going through on January 11th 2010. They were no longer offering a satellite feed of their news cuts and were going to 100% internet distribution which would require us to download cuts and record them into newsroom in real time, very time consuming.

CBS did provide their own application to download the cuts automatically but there was no way to import them into KLZ Newsroom. After a short conversation with Len, I sent him the CBS Autodownloader app to hopefully build something around it to get those cuts into Newsroom. To my amazement, there was a working solution in my email inbox this past Monday AND IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY! I wanted to send you a note to say thank you to your entire staff for getting this turned around in such a timely manner. I know this ultimately affects more than just us but I wanted to send kudos all around for the efforts. I can honestly say that everything we get from KLZ just works and works well. Please pass along our appreciation to all involved. It’s because of them that we continue to use the KLZ products!"

Ron Tollison - WBT Radio
Charlotte, North Carolina

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