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Latest News

Apr 07, 2021 2376

NAB Show A Go For Fall 2021

NAB President and CEO Gordon H. Smith has stated, after careful consideration, and in…
Aug 28, 2019 2135

Newswire Capture Updates

KLZ has updated its wire capture utilities for CBS and QGoLive. CBS Capture - Xml news…
CHOK Station Logo
Jun 07, 2019 1315

CHOK Upgrades to KLZ Newsroom 5

CHOK Radio has just upgraded to NewsRoom 5 ! Blackburn Radio’s CHOK news staff has been…
National Association of Broadcasters Logo
Mar 15, 2019 2774

Meet Us at NAB 2019

We'll be at the Great Canadian Suite in the Flamingo Hotel on Monday, April 8 from 6 to 9…
Huber Radio Station Logo
Feb 19, 2019 1687

Huber Radio Installs KLZ NewsRoom

KLZ Innovations is excited to welcome the brand new station CIAT-FM to our product family…
AM 1150 Station Logo
Sep 23, 2016 2230

Jim Pattison CKLZ-FM and CKOV-AM move to NewsRoom 45

AM 1150 CKOV and Power 104 move to KLZ NewsRoom 45™ Power 104 used NewsRoom 4.0 for over…
CHUB Station Logo
Sep 21, 2016 2443

Jim Pattison stations purchase AudioFile

Jim Pattison radio stations purchase KLZ AudioFile Five new KLZ AudioFile ™ computers…



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