March 30, 2020
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KLZ COVID-19 Update

To our Valued CustomersThe impact and outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to impact people and…
August 28, 2019
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Newswire Capture Updates

KLZ has updated its wire capture utilities for CBS and QGoLive. CBS Capture - Xml news wire and audio capture using…

KLZ Products

Klz Newsroom5 Microphone logo

NewsRoom 5™

Designed For Modern Hardware
Easy Fast And Secure
Brand New Dynamic News Panel
Multiple Layouts
New Themes
Multi-Byte Character Support

KLZ Audiofile Logo


Gap-less Logging
Precise Playback Delay
Mic Skim/Air-Check Simple
MP3 Extraction
Silence Detector
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NewsRoom Remote 5™

Secure SSL / TLS Connectivity
Dynamic News Panel
New Chromium Browser
Embedded Cast Server
Customizable Layouts
FLAC audio support

KLZ i-Prompt Logo


Multi-User and Networked Teleprompter
Supports Popular Closed Captioning Encoders Adjustable Font Display
8 HTML Slots
Mirror Display Camera Mount Monitor
Save to i-Prompt From The NewsRoom System

KLZ Interview Tablet Support

KLZ Interview™

Android Audio Editor
Export To Multiple Formats
Include Photo And Location
Content Distribution
Drag Multiple Volume Points

KLZ video Logger Players


Efficient & Effortless Logging
Broadcast Television
Compliant with FCC 04-232
Security Surveillance
Video Production
Simple WMV Extraction

Some Of Our Valued Clients

Bell Media
Radio Centro
Corus Entertainment
Rawlco Radio
Newcap Radio
Harvard Broadcasting
Roger Radio
Global Television
Vista Radio



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