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Professional Broadcast Audio Logger Solution

Overall, I'm pleased with the reliability and ease-of-use of the KLZ AudioFile. It's not only fulfilled our legal obligation, but provided a useful tool that has benefited engineering, programming and production." Terry Kelly - Bell Media

  • Logging of Up To 16 Channels
  • Monitor Your Competition
  • Mp3 Extraction
  • Skimming
  • Repurpose Extracted Audio
  • Monitor All Channel Streams

KLZ AudioFile is a professional radio logging software and hardware solution for long term continuous recording of up to 16 channels.

The package includes long term uninterrupted audio logging, web based monitoring, MP3 streaming and extraction, integrated Web Server, precise time-delay playback (two independent delayed outputs per channel) and more.

The MP3 Audio Logger maintains very long term archives without gaps. Features MP3 Streaming for near live monitoring, archive access & extraction. Mic skimming using event based pointers to allow for quick quality checks.

The optional I/O box for mic skim inputs and alarm outputs. Precise Time Delay for high quality audio & GPI time shifting. Silence Detector with relay closure for multiple alarm conditions.
Setup is fast and simple to install and delpoy. Use the desktop client or mobile app to listen to the radio station live (monitoring) or extract content for later use!

Contact us for a demonstration to access a KLZ AudioFile audio logging system. Its easy to use, reliable and used by radio stations around the world.

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