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Newsroom Features and Workflow

Full Featured News Production Suite

The NewsRoom 5 system provides all the tools needed to produce professional on-air content, fast and efficiently. Designed to allow a single user or a complex team to create and present the show to your audience.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

Users will quickly feel at home with NewsRoom 5 and it's intuitive interface optimized for news production..

World Class Support

If a problem does arise, we will be there to resolve it quickly and professionally. This has been our mandate for nearly 30 years.

Product Versions

KLZ NewsRoom Standard Logo


Standalone News Suite
Create & Produce Live Shows
Peer To Peer Capability
Upload Images and Video
Built-in Image Editor 

Klz Newsroom5


Designed For Modern Hardware
Easy Fast And Secure
Brand New Dynamic News Panel
Multiple Layouts
New Themes
Multi-Byte Character Support

KLZ Newsroom Remote 5 Logo


Secure SSL / TLS Connectivity
Dynamic News Panel
New Chromium Browser
Embedded Cast Server
Customizable Layouts
FLAC audio support

KLZ Newsroom 5™ provides all the tools needed to produce your show, from creation through presentation, without ever having to leave the application. 

In a large newsroom, centralized data management allows all content to be shared among users in the station and other stations in the network.



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