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KLZ AudioFile Server version 1.1

KLZ is proud to announce the release of KLZ AudioFile Server version 1.1. This version adds a number of features, performance tuning, and a bug fix.

New Features

44.1 or 48k Sample Rate :

Some customers indicated a need to record at 44100, rather than the prior default 48000 sampling rate. You can now select 44100, or 48000 as your sample rate. Changing to 44100 will not affect current archives recorded at 48kHz sampling. Newly recorded audio will be at 44100. Archived audio at 48kHz will playback until it self purges hour by hour, as new audio is recorded at the new sample rate. Extracted audio that spans the two sample rates will result in 2 saved files

Selectable Port :

The updated AudioFile server permits assigning the port that the KLZ AudioFile server runs on. Previous versions ran only on the default port of 5501. Use the default, or choose your own custom port. When using a custom port include the port number after the computer name or IP address when connecting with the AudioFile players.

ie: ( applies to custom port only )

Service Control :

You can now start and stop the AudioFile service in the AudioFile Server setup tool.

Station ID Image :

Select an image of your stations call letters for each channel being logged. The image format can be Png, Bmp, or Jpg. The image will be downloaded by the new KLZ AudioFile player, and will be displayed when playing, or monitoring the channel. The ID image will also be embedded in your extracted mp3 files.

Spool Files :

Spool files are now created at their full size when the AudioFile service is started. This allows contiguous, non interleaved data to a fixed location on the disk for each recording.

Bug Fix

We fixed the issue where the AudioFile player would stop playing from the archive arbitrarily. The AudioFile player now plays for 1 hour (59:59) before stopping. (if you play from any point without selecting an In and Out point)

Note: When In and Out points have been set, the AudioFile player will play the entire selection without stopping, even if days in length.

How to get it :

This release is now available. Log into your account at to download the new AudioFile Server installation package.

Please contact us if you require credentials, or help updating your system.



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