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RSS Feed 2 Wire


RSS Feed 2 Wire captures public, as well as private subscription feeds that include text, audio and images. Examples of some RSS News Services are:

BN-CP Audio/Text Feeds (subscription)
The BN feed captures audio skeds and post them directly to the NewsRoom45 system for editing & use on-air.
BN Xpress - aka HotWire (subscription)
The BN Xpress wire is a text feed of headlines from Broadcast News.
Other available services include:
Toronto Star/CNN/Fox News/Westwood One/ Reuters 


KLZ XmlToWire

XmlToWire is used to exclusively capture XML feeds such as MarketWire, CNW and Corus directly to the NewsRoom45 system.


KLZ IrnFtpToWire

IrnFTPToWire captures the full text based feeds from Broadcast News/Canadian Press. All the news, weather, sports, elections and other special events. 


KLZ ImapCapture

ImapCapture is an *e-mail capture that will monitor one or more mailboxes and send the mail with attachments to the NewsRoom 45 system. Write a story, add audio and photos on your wireless device and mail it to the NewsRoom 45 system.

The mail item will go your Wires/Inbox. If the attachment is an audio clip it will go to an audio playlist, while text based items will file to a NewsRoom 45 file folder alias for viewing, or printing (.pdf .txt, etc.).

* (IMAP Mail Server Required) 


KLZ WireCapture32

Serial capture of ANPA and other satellite text feeds. Also used to interact  with the Associated Press WebAgent newsfeed. Posts directly to the NewsRoom45 system.

Other supported wire protocols are:
- WireStream
- SkyNews
- MetroNet
- WireMNN 


KLZ AudioCapture32

AudioCapture32 is used for automatically recording and storing audio into the KLZ NewsRoom environment. Recordings can be triggered manually, by remote closure or using the built in event timer. The recorder audio is accessed into the Newsroom Audiolist and or in the Wire queue specified in the accompaning configurations file. AudioCapture32 can record mono channels between the ranges of 7200 and 44100 samples per second on a Windows compatible sound card. 


KLZ Audio Popup

Used on a workstation with 2 sound cards. AudioPopup will play audio and auto cue from any chosen playlist. 



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