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NewsRoom 45™ Product Update Version Build 1152

This update features a new auto login option , menu commands to add the browser compatibility functionality and a more accurate About Box.

Auto Logon Option: As an option you can configure a copied NewsRoom 45™ shortcut with the Server name , username and password , each separated by a space, in the properties of that shortcut.

Browser Compatibility: Added menu commands to set "Browser Compatibility" to IE 11/Edge. This greatly improves the usefulness of the web browser inside NewsRoom 45™. Sometimes these commands require elevated privileges to write to the registry. Use the Tools Menu to add the Registry Key. (Tools/Admin/Add Registry)

NR45 Event Log: Changed the logging mechanism in newsroom to use wire queues. The log viewer was also updated to view the wire items with a text search included.

Upload to KLZ Support: Changed the "Send Debug Command" menu to upload the NR45 client's debug log file to a KLZ support folder.

Program Help: The Program Help was linked directly to the canonical URL for NewsRoom 45™ and NewsRoom Remote 45™ respectively. The help pages were reorganized into a friendlier format.

ActiveX Control: The ActiveX audio control "NrAudioActiveX" was re-located to the program's binary location. This had been in the common folder of windows.

About Box: The program's About Box now displays the date, and version of the program, as well as the version of the server it is connected to.

FIX: Fixed a login issue with the login of NewsRoom 45™. When a user entered an incorrect password the program would throw an exception. Fixed a login issue where the system would say it failed to connect the first time the user tried to connect using the non auto-login method ( logging in the usual way ). After the user would hit the cancel button the program would continue and log in correctly.

Log into your account at to download or contact support [AT] klz [DOT] com for assistance with the update



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