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Fixing Low Line Input Levels


Using the sound card on the motherboard, the line input level is too low when recording audio on a new Windows 7 , 8.1 or 10 computer.  



Check that you can see the input level with the Mixer in Windows. You can access the Windows Mixer by Right clicking the Speaker Icon in the Tray area.  Select Recording Devices.

Windows Mixer Options

You’ll see the sound devices available and the audio level for each.  When troubleshooting audio the best practice is to check the basics .Do a test by playing the source audio and adjusting the level if possible . Double click the device to raise the Line-In level .


Line-In Properties width="325" height="369">

If the level is still too low you can enable the “Stereo Mix” option  .

“Stereo Mix” or “What you Hear” may be an option on the sound card. Check the manufacturers website for the latest driver ensure the proper functionality.

To Enable “Stereo Mix”:

Right click to “Show Disabled Devices”

Enable the “Stereo Mix” and test the levels again.

Keep the source as Line-In on the sound card.

The input levels should now be suitable for proper recording.

Set the “Default Device” to Line in by right clicking , Set as Default Device ( record device).

NewsRoom uses the “Default Record Device” to record.

You can switch to Stereo Mix if you want your source to be audio from your computer’s media player , web site or any other digital source you hear on the computer. Switch back to Line In when done .

In rare cases you may have to amplify the source audio with a pad to get the proper input level . Contact us if you need assistance or have any questions regarding getting a good input level .



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