NewsRoom 45 ™

NewsRoom 45

Full Featured News Production Suite

The NewsRoom 45 system provides all the tools needed to produce professional on-air content, fast and efficiently. Designed to allow a single user or a complex team to create and present the show to your audience.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

Users will quickly feel at home with NewsRoom 45 and it's intuitive interface optimized for news production..

World Class Support

If a problem does arise, we will be there to resolve it quickly and professionally. This has been our mandate for nearly 30 years.

"All In One" Solution

All In One Solution

Newsroom 45 provides all the tools needed to produce your show, from creation through presentation, without ever having to leave the application. In a large newsroom, centralized data management allows all content to be shared among users in the station and other stations in the network. Publishing and archiving options allow for the further leveraging of content to the web, and for the future. The flexibility and scalability of Newsroom 45 has made it the choice system for hundreds of newsrooms around the world.

The publishing and archiving options allow a better use of the content on the web and in the future. The flexibility and scalability of Newsroom 45 has made it the system of choice for hundreds of newsrooms around the world.

Content Creation and Management

Content Creation

Newsroom 45 users can create their own content using the built-in, native HTML editors. Working privately, or in shared folders, stories can be prepared in advance for today, or scheduled for a future date. Content from news services and internet feeds is automatically captured and made centrally available for browsing and searching. News feeds can be further filtered with custom views. Users can search and pull content from remote sites in the network. A newscast, created newsroom's lineup editor, can be prepared and accessed by multiple users before and during an on-air presentation. Editorial control allows only certain users to post stories into the show. Once the show is complete, the content can be archived in a searchable database, and published to the stations own web based news feed.

Professional Audio Production

Pro Audio Production

NewsRoom 45 provides all the tools necessary to produce audio for on-air presentation. A centralized audio database lets users share raw and finished content. Compression can be configured as necessary to conserve bandwidth on wide area networks. The audio recorder and editor allows for recording the fast editing of news actualities. Optimized for news creation editing and posting audio is incredibly fast and easy. The built in multi-track editor allows for advanced editing for longer pieces. Users outside the newsroom will also find the multi-track useful for creating commercials, zingers, and stingers, etc.

On Air Presentation

On Air

Producing a live show on-air could not be any easier than with the NewsRoom 45 built-in teleprompter. The show can be controlled by a single news reader, by multiple readers, or a director. Fine grained timing adjustments allow you to complete your show, "on time, every time". Stories can be added, changed, re-ordered, and deleted during a show and synchronized to the teleprompter. The "Fast Cast" tool allows for a long show, with many actualities to be completed and "canned" in a fraction of the time. Export your newscast & relax.