NewsRoom 5™

New Themes & Layouts

Choose from various Windows themes and multiple built-in layouts. Create and save your own custom layouts for different editing or on-air tasks.

Global Archive Search

Search the new global archive with lightning quick results.

Secure SSL

SSL encryption guarantees you safe and secure connections.

The New NR5 Client

New Client
  • Designed For Modern Hardware and Higher Screen Resolutions
  • Native Windows (X86, X64)
  • Easy Fast And Secure
  • Brand New Dynamic News Panel
  • Multiple Layouts
  • New Themes
  • Global Archive Search
  • Multi-Byte Character Support (Ansi, Unicode, UTF8 conversions)

The New NR5 Server

New Server
  • Enhanced Server Management
  • Enhanced Uptime Maintenance
  • Server Manager (New Program)
  • RSS Capture Service (New Program)
  • Mail Capture Service (New Program)
  • Searchable Logs

Seamless & Secure Remote Integration With KLZ Scribe™ and KLZ Interview™

  • Upload Direct to NewsRoom5 
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Native Android App
  • Compose & Edit 
  • Full Text Editor
  • Attach Images
  • Instant Record
  • Multi Track Editor
  • Import Audio
  • Local Audio Library
  • Add Text & Images
  • Render in Multiple Formats