NewsRoom 45

Full News Production Suite

Lineup Editor / Teleprompter

Connect Multiple Users / Sites

Content Distribution

Fully Searchable Archive

Publish Content to Web



KLZ AudioFile

Post Production Suite

Gap-less Logging

Mic Skim / Air-Check

Simple MP3 Extraction

Silence Detector

Multi-User from Anywhere

KLZ VideoLogger

Efficient & effort-less logging

Broadcast Television

Compliant with FCC 04-232 

Security Surveillance

  • Video Production

World Class Support

"Let me say a hardy THANK YOU to your support staff for a job well done."

"I can honestly say that everything we get from KLZ just works and works well."

Ron Tollision, WBT Radio

Latest News

Located in Joplin, Mo., KZRG upgrades to NewsRoom 45 for their primary news editing system . Thank you KZRG for your continued loyalty to KLZ products !

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