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Installing KLZ Audiofile Demo

Once you have downloaded the KLZAudioFileSrv64-Demo.msi, you can install the program.

From Windows explorer, right click on the file and click 'Install'


Selecting an Install Location

Default Location is:


It is recommended that you install the program to a folder the logged in user account has rights in .

You may choose to install in a folder such as:





Configure AudioFile Demo


 Audiofile Demo GUI

 (ConfigAudioFileDemo.exe - Installation, Updates, licensing and management)


After installing the installation package you will next need to license the product.


There will be a shortcut on your desktop allowing you to run the program "ConfigAudioFileDemo.exe" as seen above.


Once this program is running you will need to complete the following tasks.  In order to perform some of these tasks you will need to "Run As Administrator".  There is a button for this action on the top right pane.  You can use the Check for an Update button to install updates to the program.  You can also find a direct link to this document in the program.


1. Request a Demo License ( input email address , press 1. The expiry date will appear in the bottom status bar.)

2. Install the Logger Service

3. Configure the Logger

4.  Run Audiofile Monitor 

5.  Run Audiofile Player 1

6.  Run Audiofile Player 2



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