Is Newsroom 5 compatible with NewsRoom 45?


Yes.  Newsroom 45 clients can connect and work as they would have previously.  There may be some new features they may be missing but their existing features will continue to work.  Both KLZ Newsroom 5 and KLZ Newsroom 45 users can work side by side in the newsroom on the same content.


What is the difference between KLZ Newsroom and KLZ Newsroom Remote?


“KLZ Newsroom” is the studio version program used by the end user.  It has access to local resources and allows users to share a common group of news casts.  


“KLZ Newsroom Remote” is a client designed for a remote user to produce a show all on their own but does not have access to some local resources available at the station.


What news wire services do you capture and support?


We automate the capture of all common news feeds and transmission methods.  If there is a custom service you have we can adapt to capture it as well.


What is new with the mobile device applications?


Currently we have a multi-track audio recorder and editor for android phones called KLZ Interview.  We also have an Android application for writing and filing a story (including audio and images) to your newsroom named KLZ Scribe.  We expect to soon add tools and provide support for ios.



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