NewsRoom Remote™

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Contribute News From Anywhere

From any internet location you can file your raw and prepared content to the station

Work Offline

Work offline, complete your content, file to the station when you get connected

Full Suite of Workstation Tools

All the tools you need to create a full show remotely

"The remote server connections, available with Newsroom 45, enable us to share content (i.e. scripts, actualities, newscasts, etc.) between our six southern Ontario newsrooms in a timely and effective manner".  - Bob Becken


Remote 45 Content

NewsRoom Remote™ will feel very familiar to experienced NewsRoom™ users. Most tools in NewsRoom Remote™ are identical to similar tools in NewsRoom™ itself.

We recognize that news can happen quickly, and you may need to quickly assemble a newscast, and go to air from any number of remote locations. Provided you have access to the Internet at some point before going to air, you'll have access to all of your station's media libraries, script templates, wires, etc.

Additionally, we have equipped the NewsRoom Remote™ client with a much enhanced On-Air prompter, and "single user" cast line-up editor. Remote personnel can compose new story items, attach related audio, and submit these stories throughout the entire NewsRoom™ system quickly and easily with, or without a high-speed connection. 

Wide Area Networking

WAN Capability

- View / Access / Download current content from the station's news server
- Connect to multiple authorized sites
- Works with any internet connection
- Upload completed stories with embedded audio to the station

Within a corporate/company structure, personnel can view information from all of its NewsRoom locations. The NewsRoom™ WAN Extension lets other NewsRoom™ Servers connect providing multi-site user access.

Built on the success of NewsRoom's Wide Area Network capabilities, geographical separation is no longer an issue. Stations from anywhere can connect, view, extract and submit content.

World Events

World Events

Place your people where the action is. Sports, politics, conflict, and more are now all covered in an up-to-the-minute accurate fashion, with your reporters right there in the middle of the action.

Remote reporting takes on a new dimension once you are able to have live reporting from anywhere in the world. Cover major news stories or sporting events, such as the Olympics.

Communication is the name of the game, and communicating with other stations is no exception. When you need to get that information from your affiliate station, all you have to do is connect and collect.

Having NewsRoom™ and NewsRoom Remote™ means no one is out of the loop, no matter where in the world news happens.


Remote 45 On-Air Cast

- Contribute news from anywhere
- Voice content using the built-in smooth scrolling teleprompter
- Seamless interaction with NewsRoom™ 
- Full "Drag & Drop" capability
- Compressed file transfers
- PC or laptop compatible

Seamless interaction with NewsRoom™ supports working in "online" or "offline" modes, making it possible to gather content from a cell modem at a remote location, then assembling and going to air while disconnected from the Internet.

Thanks to an extended and greatly enhanced site to site communications architecture from its predecessor, NewsRoom Remote™ clients can access NewsRoom™ information corporation wide, from the field, from the home office, or a remote bureau.

Having remote capabilities means that you can now get the news reported as soon as it happens. No longer do your field personnel have to return to the station to produce and report fast breaking news.



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