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KLZ AudioFile™ consists of three primary programs: Server, Player and Monitor. At the heart of the system is the AudioFile Server, a multi-channel audio recording engine packaged to run on a dedicated PC or “IP Appliance”. The AudioFile Server provides very reliable long-term recording of numerous audio sources and includes: silence detection, precise playback delay, Mp3 Streaming, Remote Access (web server) on all sources. A variety of audio players and a serial General Purpose Interface (GPI) make KLZ AudioFile™ ideal for many radio applications.

The KLZ AudioFile™ server continuously records multiple audio sources which can be played independently at a specific delay. All audio is recorded in linear PCM format at 48kHz sampling or at 44100. The AudioFile server in standard configuration permits delays of 1 second to 4 hours. The output is the same 48kHz/44kHz linear PCM file. The delay system can be setup in combinations of mono and stereo, and each source may have a unique delay period. Provided the server has an adequate time sync to a reliable source, delay accuracy better than 10ms can be expected for the audio, and approximately 30ms for GPIs.

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  • Audio Logger – audio archive for general archives or for licensing and liability purposes.
  • Precise audio + GPI Delay for re-broadcasts or time zone shifting with “local insertions”.
  • Remote access to many stations’ content for P.D.s (Web-Server and Mp3 Streaming)
  • Mic. skimming (I/O box required) for talent quality / air-checks or monitoring events.
  • Web links for simple browser access to time specific and/or live events
  • IP/Mp3 listening - hear Stations’ content, Past or Present via the integrated KLZ Web-Server and Mp3 Streaming (Mp3 Licensing; Thomson and Fraunhofer). Web links for simple browser access to time specific recording and live content are accommodated in a uniquely simple fashion.

Hardware Compatability

KLZ AudioFile™ servers can receive analog or digital audio through multi-channel tuner cards, as well as Axia & Wheatstone AoIP cards/drivers. AudioFile also supports many other Windows® compatible legacy sound cards.  

Digigram - MADI

Digigram Madi Tuner Card

The PCX422e is a full featured multi channel model of the PCX series of sound cards.

Thanks to its digital and analog inputs and outputs with broadcast grade specifications, its on-board processing and unrivaled reliability, PCX422e is the reference multi channel sound card used in the radio automation systems designed by Digigram Development Partners.


Audioscience Tuner Cards

From the beginning, AudioScience has been on the leading edge of audio card technology. Its founders practically invented the broadcast radio soundcard back in the late 1980's when radio automation was in its infancy.

AudioScience today has leveraged that experience and its 15 years of existence to provide the most complete line of sound cards for both the legacy PCI and the new PCI Express buses.

MOTU Firewire/USB2

MOTU Firewire USB2 Card

Multi channel audio for your Mac or PC. Thanks to MOTU's Hybrid interface technology, the Audio Express connects to any current Mac or PC via FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0.

To fully support both formats, the Audio Express hybrid audio interface is equipped with a FireWire jack (400 Mbit/sec) and a high-speed USB 2.0 jack (480 Mbit/sec). This gives you maximum flexibility and compatibility when connecting to today’s ever-expanding universe of Mac and Windows computers.

Lexicon Alpha

Lexicon-Alpha Card

The Alpha™ Desktop Recording Studio is extremely compact, yet it gives you the features needed to get professional recording results anywhere! Designed with many of the same features found in professional studios.

A dual-input, 2-bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with extra high-impedance instrument input and separate headphone output gives you the freedom to not only record but also mix anywhere.

 Yellowtec Puc2 

Yellowtec Puc2 USB Card

As one of PUC2’s unique features, Zero Latency Monitoring allows you to monitor your recording signal in real-time, without any delay. Choose between listening to the input signal, or the return path arriving via USB. For further monitoring convenience, an AUX output lets you connect a pair of headphones for a quick and easy audio signal check.


Echo Mia Midi Card

A unique feature of the Echo Mia-MIDI is the use of "virtual" outputs. The card appears to software as if it has eight separate outputs, which are digitally mixed down to the physical outputs using the supplied "console" software and its on-board DSP. This makes for compatibility with all popular multi-track software. And with Echo's "multi-client" drivers, more than one application, such as an editor and a software synthesizer, can be playing back at the same time.

It needs to be noted that the MIDI functions of the Mia-MIDI only work under Windows ME/2000/XP(WDM) and Mac OS X

M-Audio Delta

M-Audio Delta 1010 Card

The M-Audio Delta 1010 has a total of 10 outputs which can be used for a variety of purposes. By default, analog outputs 1 and 2 serve as your “main” outputs. Connect channels 1 and 2 to the left and right inputs of your mixer, powered speakers, or other audio destination.

Delta 1010's accept line-level signals. Connect your line-level instruments to any available input on the rack-mount box. 

Soundblaster X-Fi

Soundblaster X-Fi Card

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy X-Fi is a half-height sound card that's powered by SBX Pro Studio technology. It instantly converts your system to a 5.1 entertainment system that delivers cinematic surround sound - perfect for bringing out the best in your audio.

The Sound Blaster Audigy X-Fi also features a 24-bit 192kHz digital-to-analog converter (playback), 106dB SNR and a high-end 600-ohm headphone amplifier for studio-grade monitoring. Interchangeable full-height and half-height metal brackets are included to give you the flexibility of installing the sound card in small form factor desktop PCs.

System Requirements

Windows XP 

  • Pentium4 Core2 processor or faster
  • 500 MB to 1GB of RAM
  • 2 250GB RE HDD RAID1 Mirror
  • Windows compatible graphics card 
  • Windows® compatible sound card

Windows 7 

  • Intel i5 Core Processor
  • 2 to 4GB RAM
  • 2 500GB RE HDD RAID1 Mirror
  • Windows compatible graphics card
  • Vista/Win7 Compatible Sound Card

Windows 8.1 

  • Intel i5 Core Processor
  • 4 to 8GB RAM
  • 2 1TB RE HDD RAID1 Mirror
  • Windows compatible graphics card
  • Win7/Win8 Compatible Sound Card

Windows 10 

  • Intel i7 Core Processor
  • 8 to 16GB RAM
  • 2 1TB RE HDD RAID1 Mirror
  • Windows compatible graphics card
  • Win10 Compatible Sound Card



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