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Robust Precision Logging You Can Trust

KLZ AudioFile™ server is a 24/7 audio logging solution. AudioFile continuously records multiple audio sources which can be played independently at a specific delay. You set the number of days to record and select the desired bit rate. All audio is recorded in linear PCM format at 48kHz or 44.1kHz sampling, and automatically archived as Mp3 audio at the selected bit rate (ex:320 kbps).

When equipped with an I/O interface, delays can also be applied to GPIs to accommodate automatic local insertions or alternate program material. KLZ AudioFile™ is a proven industry standard used by hundreds of broadcasters around the world. KLZ AudioFile™ server in standard configuration permits audio delay playback of 1 second to 4 hours. Delayed Playback output is original quality 44.1kHz or 48kHz linear audio.

The delay system can be set up in combinations of mono and stereo, with each source having a unique delay period. Provided the server is adequately synchronized to a reliable source, delay accuracy of better than 10ms can be expected for the audio and approximately 30 ms for GPIs

  • Runs as a Windows® service, reliable, secure
  • Re-purpose audio with delayed playback
  • Mp3 encoder for audio logging and file extraction
  • Multi-rate Mp3 Streaming
  • Easy access for users inside/outside of your network
  • Skim marker access for playback and extraction
  • All recorded audio available within seconds 
  • Log any competitors programming
  • Record audio for archiving or air check purposes
  • Record all audio at selectable bit rates
  • Custom images for easy channel ID (embedded in extracted Mp3)
  • Silence detection on every channel
  • Used by radio stations at BellMedia , Rogers Media Inc., Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Radio Centro and many more around the world



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